What others are saying about her as counselor & therapist


Tracy was easy to talk to because of her genuine and caring nature. She helped me stay honest with myself in my recovery and because of her I’m where I am today as a healthier better version of myself. ~ Diana

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Tracy and there are really no words to explain a person who has touched the lives of so many people. Only one word comes to mind for a such a outstanding counselor and that is “Exceptional~ Devon, Fort Worth, TX

A short time ago I was a client in dire need of comprehensive and empathic counseling services. I actively searched the Fort Worth area for the right combination of sound mental health providers, professionalism, and caring treatment environment. After interviewing many clinicians and visiting several facilities I discovered North Texas Addiction Counseling and Education, Inc. It was almost immediate that I knew this organization of professionals was the source of assistance I needed to get back on the road to recovery and to work through life long issues that had prevented a happy, healthy life. Indeed, my search and interviewing stopped when I met their clinical director, Tracy Crain. The therapeutic relationship we forged was instrumental and irreplaceable in helping me piece back together what was broken and strengthening the seams. From the beginning of our work together, treatment issues were clearly identified. Therapeutic goals and objectives were a part of every meeting and the expectations of both client and counselor were agreed. One of the best parts was that I was a part of my treatment decisions. I really felt empowered to make myself well again. The commitment to an empathic counseling experience and professional ethics that I experienced is exemplified by all staff members and is obvious in the office environment. Tracy Crain is an invaluable resource to the Fort Worth community with both life enhancing and even life saving results. I am honored to be able to write this today.
~ Tracy H., Fort Worth, Texas

As I approached my upper forties my life started crashing in many ways. My drinking progressed to the point that I couldn’t stop drinking. I tried stopping with a program and it would work fine for a month or two, then a short relapse. One day I walked in-front of a van on a HWY, struck at 60mph or more, dead on. A month later, I woke up with a month sobriety and more. The state thought I needed a probation officer and a therapist. Wow what a life change. The state sent me to Tracy Crain.

Now I know I’m an alcoholic, Bi-Polar with a new closed head Injury. Tracy not only helped me understand my many different conditions, she gave me the tools I needed to recover from my very challenging hurdles in life. She worked with my judge, probation officer and wife saving me from even more misery. She even visited me several times in the hospital. I heard I was in a coma at the time.

I credit God for my life I have now and the special people he sent to help me. Tracy would be of tremendous help to anyone ready for change. ~ Stan, Haltom City, TX

Tracy Crain is a true Person/Professional, who understands and lives the creed of being someone dedicated to “working in other peoples lives”. Few words can truly measure how wonderful of a person she is, nor describe the tenacity with which she will pursue assisting a client to set and attain clear, definable goals.

I consider Tracy as one of the greatest gifts in my life. I met Tracy at the worst possible time, and was none too happy about seeing her, in fact I insisted that she had nothing of value to offer me. Boy was I wrong. She worked with me to lay a new foundation for my life, showed me the possibilities and pointed out the tools I could use to move forward in new directions that have proven to be the best days of my life. I was I believe 37 when I met Tracy and I am now about to turn 50. I thank God for her everyday. I often think of those days when she must have been frustrated with me, yet she always had a caring wonderful demeanor. On those days as I see it now she would have “chalk board” sessions with me, where she would have me think about the issue at hand ( the one I was stubborn on ) and she would insist that I write it on the board, then list the pros and the cons and think long and hard about what I saw. She always insisted that whatever I chose to do in a situation, at least I would be well aware of the consequences, If I chose to see them.

Tracy’s impact on my life has been so great that at the age of 46 I returned to college and am pursuing a goal of a masters degree in social work, and if I do as Tracy helped me to see, and continue to take the action necessary I will achieve that masters degree. Moreover Tracy pointed out to me, that when you can see, you can see, and when you can hear, you can hear. Thank You Tracy for showing me that I could see, and helping me to know that I could hear.

Words really seem so trite when all I can simply say is, Thank You Tracy! ~ Clyde, Arlington TX

Tracy Crain is one of the most down-to-earth professionals in her Industry I’ve ever met. Her uncanny ability to zero in on the most important and sometimes overlooked things that drive us is amazing. She uses real-life scenarios to explain real-life issues. She’s given me back my self esteem over and over. Thank you Tracy! ~ Donna

I would like to share a few things about my experience with Tracy Crain as my counselor. I went to her at a time in my life that nothing in my life was working. My relationship was in ruins. My husband was cheating, and it was affecting every area of my life. I was literally falling apart. I was making bad decisions, I could not focus, and I had no idea what to do next. On the days that I thought that I absolutely could not bear any of it another day, I would go see Tracy. She would help me find a path to follow, that keep me true to myself. I am not saying she made it easy, but she absolutely was the voice of reason and direction in my crisis. I developed the skills to handle the extreme circumstances that I was going through with Tracy’s help. One of the best things is that Tracy is a Christian, and it is evident in how she handles every situation in her professional life with the up most character and morals. My crisis had its consequences, some of which I am still living with. However, I have a bright future, and I can make it anything I desire. Time to time I check in with Tracy just to make sure I am on track. She is one of those people that once you know her, you feel you can use her input in good and bad times. I really feel Tracy saved my life when my despair was overwhelming. I truly am better equipped since I invested in myself by seeing Tracy. ~ Cheryl

Tracy has helped me understand the feelings of a bi-polar alcoholic. She has helped me with resentments, and to learn to love again. She is like having a good nonjudgmental friend, with a vast knowledge base. I’m stubborn and hard headed not a good combination. But Tracy helped me understand myself better, and work with my short comings. My husband and I both see Tracy, sometimes together and sometimes individually. I always feel better when I leave her office. Thank you Tracy for helping us thru the worst times of our lives.
~ Marla, Haltom City TX