There’s nothing to fear in counseling (but fear itself).

If you’ve never been to counseling before, you may not know what to expect. For starters, you’re not in this alone; the relationship between therapist and client should be strong, trusting and dynamic.

At your first appointment, you’ll fill out a small informational packet—sharing your concerns, reason(s) for coming and some other tidbits about you.

Second, you’ll meet with me to begin the information-sharing and rapport-building steps. This time is extremely important. Make sure that you’ll feel comfortable, be heard and understood. Trust that what you say to me and share in session won’t be looked down upon or judged. This is the beginning of trust building between us so you can get moving in the direction you need to go.

Third, trust that my practice is “client driven.” I make it a priority to allow my clients to develop and determine their own steps. You’ll quickly see that I’m not the type of therapist who’ll sit with you for an hour and then ask, “So how do you feel about that?”

Together, we’ll examine your circumstances and explore your thoughts and feelings. Then it’ll be your job to begin implementing the changes necessary to bring about positive, exciting (and rewarding) changes in your life.