Tracy Crain’s Credentials

Tracy Crain, M.S., LPC-S, LCDC, has been in practice since 2000 and is a member of the American Counseling Association, the Texas Counseling Association, the Texas Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and the American Society of Reproductive Medicine.

So what do all those counseling / therapy credentials stand for?

As an LPC-S , Tracy is a Licensed Professional Counselor who is licensed by the Texas Board of Professional Examiners to conduct and provide counseling to individuals in the state of Texas.  The “S” represents that she’s qualified to supervise, teach, monitor, and facilitate the training of LPC interns in the state of Texas.

As an LCDC, she is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services) to provide counseling for those suffering from substance abuse and dependence.

Originally from Michigan, Tracy received her Bachelor’s Degree in Interpersonal and Public Communication and Management from Central Michigan University. She earned her Master’s Degree in Science at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

Therapy and Counseling Approach

Practicing cognitive and behavioral therapies (as well as utilizing a client-centered approach), Tracy believes that what you think controls your outcome—and that those thoughts will come true. Therefore, with the right guidance and mental processes, you have the will to change your life. Because mental strength and preparation are the keys to survival, other forms of therapy aren’t as effective when trying to create a more positive self-belief or healthier identity.
Tracy uses these approaches to treat a wide range of conditions, including:

She enjoys working with clients from adolescence onward in individual psychotherapy, as well as couples and family therapy.

Tracy has worked in a wide variety of settings, including student counseling centers, community health centers, residential treatment centers  and outpatient facilities (for adults and adolescents). On top of her private practice, she is the proud mother of a little girl.

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