Infertility Counseling

Dealing with fertility problems can be incredibly difficult for any couple. The inability to get pregnant can leave both partners frustrated and dealing with difficult feelings. It’s not uncommon for individuals, both male and female, to suffer from depression and anxiety as a result of their inability to get pregnant.

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Some individuals may feel like less of a man or woman as a result, even though it is not their fault for being unable to get pregnant. Many issues we face today can be fixed by changing our mindset, taking medication, getting medical treatment, or finding help. Infertility is one issue that is not always easily fixed and can take time.

Infertility counseling enables couples to find the mental peace to get through their infertility issues as they strive to bring life into the world. Receiving counseling as a couple can help to restore your levels of confidence and hope while aiding you in making the right decisions when needed.

What to Expect

When you visit with Tracy Crain, you can be expected to discuss one or many different topics:

  • Whatever is causing you to feel stress while learning ways to cope or handle the situation
  • Alternatives to childbirth (such as surrogacy, fostering, or adoption)
  • Short and long term impacts of any decisions you make: on you, your spouse, your family, and your children
  • Communication tips when working with other care providers
  • How to deal with anxiety or depression related to infertility
  • Family and relationship stresses brought on by infertility
  • Psychological assessment if referred by your doctor or related agency to move forward towards developing or expanding your family.

Every situation and individual is unique. What you need help with will vary from others and she will make sure to touch on what is most important for you.


An assessment is an important part in any type of counseling. If you are looking to gain clarity about your situation and learn how to overcome or get through it, an assessment is critical for you and your counselor as well as ensuring you are feeling confident in your decision options moving forward.

An assessment’s goal is to identify, evaluate and provide a summation of your personal history to the referring agency.  Topics discussed will be:

  • Your mental health
  • Any prior experiences with mental health diagnoses and related treatment
  • Personal medical and family history
  • Personality testing if requested by referring agency
  • Legal history if applicable
  • Education and/or employment history

An assessment enables the counselor to identify your personal story and to ensure that you and your partner (if applicable) have the same goals and understanding of options to achieve them.

An assessment will enable the referring doctor or agency to get an honest, but safe, opinion of a third party. It is crucial for getting through any difficult situation or problem that you are facing by laying the groundwork for you and your counselor.

What to Expect

As you with Tracy, you can expect to be asked a variety of questions to evaluate where you are with the above mentioned topics of discussion, to learn more about your situation, and what you are looking to accomplish. The counseling sessions and/or assessment session are meant to be a safe place for you to share as much as you are comfortable with.

Completing an assessment is usually the beginning of accomplishing your goal for your family.  Tracy is experienced with working with gestational carriers, intended parents, egg donors as well as the providers that are assisting them through this very exciting journey!

Please give Tracy a call today at (682) 233-2882 to schedule an appointment. Her office is located in Southlake, Texas.