Recognizing Depression in Yourself and Others

Do you think that you may be suffering from depression? Or do you suspect that a loved one – a friend, a family member, or even your own spouse may be depressed? It is very important that you recognize depression when you or someone you care about experiences it, so that action can be taken. Depression can develop into ideas of self-harm, and this can be very dangerous to you or your loved one.

Depression is different from feelings of sadness. Sadness is typically felt only for a short while and due to an occurrence in a person’s life, while depression lasts a lot longer and can be crippling to a person.

Here we enumerate three critical feelings that a depressed person experiences to help you recognize depression in yourself and others.

If you recognize these feelings, you should seek help as soon as possible.

Critical Feeling #1 – A Negative View of Themselves

Depressed people have a very negative view of themselves. They have a poor self-concept, and most of the time, thoughts of being inadequate and a feeling of being a failure plague them.

Critical Feeling #2 – A Negative View of the World

Depressed people also have a negative view of the world. They see their lives as full of hopelessness and loss. They frequently dwell on the idea that the present world has nothing to offer them, and they cannot envision any change or help for themselves.

Critical Feeling #3 – Negative Expectations of the Future

Depressed people have negative expectations of the future. They believe that their lives will only get worse – they are very pessimistic, and they feel helpless in their ability to change what’s to come.

The main point here is that depressed people have a negative concept of themselves, their current lives, and the future. People who have lived with depression for a long time feel that this is what’s “normal” and cannot imagine a different life.

You can take the first step to help yourself or someone you love overcome their depression. It will not be an easy task, but recognizing it is one of the most essential steps to a better life. With a bit of help and determination, one can overcome these feelings of negativity and start enjoying life once again.

If you (and/or someone you care about) need help to overcome depression, please reach out to Tracy Crain.