Depressed? Wondering If You Can Overcome Depression? You CAN

We all have a sense of pride (not to mention ego) that often prevent us from realizing—or even acknowledging—that our feelings of sadness have stretched into days, weeks and sometimes years. Being able to identify that whatever you’ve been doing to cope simply hasn’t been working takes a lot of guts, and taking that first step is often a huge hurdle. And because we want to believe that we can effectively manage these feelings on our own, seeking help gets shoved to the back burner.

When your thoughts and feelings persist into negativity, despair, lethargy, constant sleep and/or sleep disturbance(s), it’s hugely beneficial to connect with a doctor and a therapist. They’ll help you sort through what you’ve been experiencing and—with your assistance—point you in a more positive, healthy direction.

However, if in any way your feelings become those of self-harm, it is imperative to seek immediate medical attention.

Know that feelings are who you are, based on what you’re experiencing and influenced by what you’re thinking. Replaying the same tape, over and over (and day after day), can manifest into detrimental behaviors that can be very difficult to get out of.

The good news is there are several different types of counselors (and therapeutic approaches) to address what you’re feeling. So where do I think you should start?

My first recommendation is to rule out any medical issues that could cause or exacerbate your situation; so visit your doctor and/or get a physical. Next, seek a therapist to obtain an evaluation about how you’re feeling, how long you’ve been dealing with these feelings and what may have caused their onset—and explore options to help you best address and effectively manage your depression. This healing often takes place with the collaboration of both your doctor and therapist.

Depression is a condition, not a way of life.

Being depressed is not only lonely and scary, it can also be debilitating. And people who’ve been living with depression for a long time often believe that this is what “normal” feels like. But know that depression is a condition, not a way of life.

You just took the first step toward changing your life by reading about depression. Make an appointment today to explore what can be done to start making your life about living—not merely surviving. It can be difficult and overwhelming to navigate this path alone, so seeking therapy is a safe, effective and hopeful approach you can begin right now.